2017 CSA Share Options

*SOLD OUT for the season*

imagesWe have specifically designed our share sizes to give members more choice. You can choose your share size depending on your household size, lifestyle, and how often you enjoy making meals at home.

Our shares run for 18 weeks with once a week pickups from the 1st week in June through the 1st week in October.

Full Share: $400: This share is intended for 2-4 adults & teenagers, depending on your lifestyle and cooking habits. It will provide you with a choice of 8-10 different types of veggies each week. This share is best for 2 who eat home often or 3-4 who eat in just a few times a week.

Half Share $200: This share is intended for 1-2 adults +/- a little one, with busier lifestyles. It will provide you with a choice of 4-5 different types of veggies per week. This share will provide you enough for a few meals a week while still leaving room to visit the farmers market or favorite grocer or even to have your own garden!