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Share Options & Pricing

We have specifically designed our share options to give members more choice.  Each share will be the SAME SIZE but how often you pick up will depend on whether you choose weekly or bi-weekly pickups. You can choose depending on your household size, lifestyle, and how often you enjoy making meals at home.

This year we have also added on a Flower Share as food for the soul!

Weekly Share

$27.50 per pickup

This share is intended for 2-4 adults & teenagers, depending on your lifestyle, dietary preferences and cooking habits. It will provide you with a choice of 8-10 different types of veggies each week. This share is best for 2 who like to cook often or 3-4 who eat in just a few times a week.

*16 Shares total*

Bi-Weekly Share

$27.50 per pickup

This share is intended for 1-2 adults +/- a little one, with busier lifestyles. It offers you the same amount and variety as a weekly share but less often. This share will provide you enough for a few meals a week while still leaving room to visit the farmers market, favorite grocer or even to have your own garden!

*8 shares total*

Fresh Flower Share


Get a beautiful bouquet of seasonal fresh cut flowers weekly or bi-weekly. We grow a variety of cut flowers such as snapdragons, zinnias, rudbeckia, sunflowers, statice, cosmos, salvia, statice and more! Choose weekly or bi-weekly pickups.


Payment Options

At Common Roots we want to provide you with plenty of options to pay for your CSA Share!

1.  Pay in full with check, cash, or credit when you sign up. Pay in Full before March 31st and receive a credit on your account to purchase add ons throughout the season ($30 credit/weekly shares  $15 credit/bi-weekly shares)

2.  Use credit to pay 50% upon signup and have the rest automatically deducted over the course of the season when pickups start!

3.  Send us a check for the 1st half when you sign up and at the same time include a check postdated for June 1st to pay for the 2nd half. This allows you to split the cost up without the hassle of remembering due dates. We simply cash your check on or after that date.

4.   Pay Monthly with EBT