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Community Supported Agriculture

NO CSA for 2022

Community Supported Agriculture  or CSA is a model of growing and buying food that directly connects farmers and the community. It provides fresh food that has not traveled long distances to get to your plate. As a CSA member you have the opportunity to see where your food is growing and to talk directly to your farmers. It is part of a growing social and economic model that supports local farming by offering an alternative to our current system of food production, consumption, and distribution.

A CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship between a farmer and a member. As a member you purchase a share of the farm before the season begins, providing your farmers with the money needed for the seasons expenses. In return the farmers plan for and grow crops specifically for CSA members. Beginning in the late Spring until the early Fall members pick up fresh produce weekly or bi-weekly at a particular time and place. Each week a variety of handpicked produce will be available based on what’s in season to ensure peak flavor.

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